The Winter League consists of  seven or eight 14 player teams, who play a 30 game schedule. Each team has a manager and 2 coaches. All the players are at least 62 years of age with a great many still playing in their 70's. A reserve list is maintained for replacement of players who are unable to finish the season.

Now in it's 25th season, the league is administered by two or three commissioners. Their function is to supply the teams with paid umpires, insurance, uniforms, sponsors, softballs and rules. They also collect a small fee from each player, manager and coach to cover the cost of operations.

Our season is concluded with a series of play-off games to
determine the Grand Champion. Also, we host a luncheon for all paid-up members in March.

After the completion of the season, applications are accepted for the following season. In September, a draft is set up by the commissioners. The selection of the players for each team is then done by the managers.

Pickup games are played every Monday, Wednesday & Friday during the rest of the year.  There is a Summer League from May - September

The Golden Years Senior Softball League was organized, in 1994, by Len Seigelstein, Syd Bernstein and Charlie Seropian.








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 Webmaster & Official Scorekeeper  - Don Harwood

Player Coordinator - Carl Trigona

Field Managers - Rip Parent, Bob Primato

Weatherman - Paul Brody

Public relations - Pete DiBenedetto

Commissioner Emeritus - Don Love - Retired

Uniform Shirt Design - John Serafini




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Joe Galluzzo - 561-852-7471

Anthony DiMango - 917-763-6458

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